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We are passionate about bringing the highest quality goods from local farms to your table. From premium meats to seasonal produce, we can’t wait for you to taste what your neighborhood farmers have been growing!


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Our premium angus beef is a labor of love.

If we have learned one thing in the more than 35 years we’ve spent operating our family farm, it’s that the highest quality meat comes from the happiest, healthiest cows.

Taste the difference for yourself! Our Farmington Angus beef can be purchased in-store or online and is available as individual USDA-stamped cuts, quarters, halves, and whole animals.
Black and white cows in a field looking at the user.

Who is Farmington Local Market?

Located in Tullahoma, TN, Farmington Local Market is a neighborhood grocery store on a mission to bring fresh, local meats and produce to our community. Our wide selection of premium angus beef is proudly produced at our family farm in Normandy, TN, only minutes away from our storefront. We also work with local partners to offer fresh pork, seasonal produce, and canned goods.

Other Local Goodies

Discover a variety of locally sourced goods at our marketplace. From elegantly crafted ceramics to exquisite handmade jewelry, aromatic spices, golden honey, and luxurious body care products, our community of vendors brings a wide array of goods that reflect the richness and creativity of our local artisans.

A delicious spread of our local products