Our Partners

Chicken Little Farm

Chicken Little Farm proudly offers humanely sourced eggs, where our hens roam freely in spacious pastures, enjoying a life of comfort and care. Our commitment to ethical farming ensures that every egg you purchase reflects our dedication to the well-being of our feathered friends. Enjoy the taste of compassion with each carton from Chicken Little Farm, where quality and kindness come together.

Weaver Farms

Savor the exceptional quality of Weaver Farms' pork, where each bite tells a story of dedication and flavor. Our locally sourced, handcrafted pork reflects our commitment to excellence. Enjoy the richness and freshness that define the superior taste of Weaver Farms, showcasing our passion for quality in every succulent bite. Indulge in the delectable journey with us.

Casey Family Farm

Casey Family Farm aspires to recreate the charm of our grandparents' small dairy, prioritizing the production of high-quality, rich milk that embodies the freshness straight from the cow. Our commitment to quality over quantity led us to focus on cultivating a robust Guernsey herd. We maintain a deliberately small herd, ensuring each cow enjoys year-round access to pasture, hay, and grain, coupled with personalized attention. This meticulous approach not only preserves the unique, fresh taste of our milk but also distinguishes it from store-bought options.

Casey Family Farm
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